Adopted into their “Forever Home”







My name is Mittens! I was surrendered to the good people at the Fairvale Animal Hospital when I was brought in as an emergency. After some tests they realized I was blocked which means that I was unable to pee. Everyone had to act quickly because I was in a lot of pain and they were worried that my bladder may rupture. This would NOT be good! Since then, I feel much better and have no more urinary issues! I love to play and my fur coat is very soft and silky. I love to be picked up and I am also a HUGE snuggeler! Cat nip toys are my FAVORITE and as you can see I love boxes! What cat doesn’t?! I am between 3-4 years old, I’ve already been neutered and cats and dogs do not bother me. Please don’t be turned away at my past urinary issue. I am all better now! I have been here for quite sometime now and I am getting worried that my furever home won’t happen 🙁 Please o please come see me! I will guarantee that you will fall in love with me! 





Hello everyone! My name is Charlie and I am a 12 year old neutered male miniature poodle. I am very affectionate and love to snuggle. I consider myself to be generally a quiet dog and can spend time alone without getting into trouble. I’ve had hip dysplasia since I was a baby and had surgery on one hip. As you can imagine I am a little sensitive about being touched in the hind quarters. Otherwise I am a healthy gentleman! I love short walks but anymore than a half an hour I get a little sore. However this doesn’t stop me! I love going outside to explore! I am an older gentleman so I would do best in a home without children or cats as I like to chase them! I also can get a bit bossy with bigger dogs especially when I am am playing with toys. I sometimes need help getting up on couches and beds because of my hips. My previous owners found that small stair steps work well. I am an excellent travel companion and LOVE going for car rides. My favorite game is to play ball. I am clicker trained and I respond well to basic commands. Teaching me new tricks will be a breeze! I have always slept on my previous owners pillow and don’t like being separated from my family. I would like to find a home where I can spend the remainder of my days filled with lots of love and comfort. If you would like to be that family, please contact the fairvale animal hospital at 506-847-7519, you won’t be disappointed!

Jack Frost

Jack Frost





Lady Catebellum

Lady Catebellum





Moustache wants you to know, that even though movember has come and gone, she is still waiting for her fur-ever home! Drop by and visit. She would love to see you :)—– ADOPTED!

Gwyneth Purrtrow

Gwyneth Purrtrow
Hello, my name is Gwyneth Purrtrow and I was a stray cat someone rescued. I am a young (approximately 2-4 years old) gray short-haired (female) feline. I am independent, but also love to be cuddled. I am good with cats, but cautious with new animals in general (a girl’s gotta protect herself!). I am dog tolerant. Please come visit me at the Fairvale Animal Hospital to talk about adoptions!


Hello, my name is Pippa and I am a 6-month old kitten of a stray cat. Gracie was my foster mom and she taught me how to be kind and gentle, but I still love to play! I am a young adolescent black and white short-haired feline. I am very playful and love to cuddle. I am great with cats and dogs. If you have lots of toys and kind heart, please come visit the Fairvale Animal Hospital to talk about adoptions!



Hello kind humans! I am a kind, gentle short-haired white cat, which is surprising given my rough life! I was thrown from a moving vehicle into a playground, but fortunately a nice family found me. They took me home but once they realized one of the kids were allergic, the Fairvale Animal hospital took me in. It was then that they realized I was very thin and that I recently had kittens since I was still lactating. I miss my kittens, but my last humans must have been done with me? Despite everything, I am still extremely sweet and LOVE affection! I am great with cats and pretty good with dogs (I am generally always a little timid with new surroundings though, I have learned to be cautious with my journey through life thus far). I need a loving forever home with a kind family to show me what life should really be like!



– 2 year husky.



2 year old Boston terrier cross (with patented Mohawk) 
Hello! I was seized from a small puppy mill operation and me and my siblings were all adopted, but my adoptive family found they were too busy to bring me into the mix. I am very playful and LOVE LOVE LOVE walks, even more then food! I have a lot of energy, so when I’m not walked, I can get hyper and even sometimes nippy (not to hurt, but to seek attention). Sometimes I also mark my territory, but… like I said…. I’m very trainable and the vet staff will show you exactly how to train me! I am very smart and learn tricks well as long as you don’t bore me! If you have the time to walk and train me, I could be the perfect dog. I also love to cuddle! Please come and visit me, I would love to find a forever home!



When China arrived at the Fairvale Animal Hospital she had a broken hip bone.  Thankfully because of donations made by people like you, we were able to fix her hip and she recovered very well!  We are pleased to say, this sweet girl has been adopted!  Yay China!  We will miss you!






Hi my name is Higgins and I’ve been here at the Fairvale Animal Hospital since August. I was surrendered to the clinic due to issues with diarrhea. The cause of the diarrhea was found to be an anatomic abnormality and other than that I am energetic and healthy. I am a loveable guy with a great well-adjusted disposition. I’m great with kids, other cats and dogs (as long as they’re ok with me). I am a curious, playful cat that will provide you with hours of entertainment and affection. If you think you would like to become my forever home drop by for a visit. I will likely be in the waiting room waiting to greet you.



Hi my name is Benjamin but you can call me Ben! I arrived at the Fairvale Animal Hospital in August 2013 after being hit by a car. I was hurt pretty bad! I had a broken pelvis and a broken right hind leg. But the nice people here gave me a chance and helped get me back on my feet again. I had surgery to stabilize my broken leg and a lot of pain medication and cage rest to help my broken pelvis heal. Today you can find me running around the hospital playing with my pal Higgins. I am not a big snuggler but I have come around a lot since being here. I am FELV/FIV negative, neutered, and up to date on my vaccines. If you think I’m the cat for you drop by the clinic for a visit. I can’t wait to meet you!


RustyRusty 2




Hi my name is Stella. I was surrendered to the Fairvale Animal Hospital in July 2013. I am a 2.5 year old spayed female, declawed, and up to date on my vaccines. I am a sweet girl with a little attitude, I’m a calico by the way! I have made myself quite comfortable here and can often be found sleeping in a small cubby hole behind Sue’s monitor out front. If you think you would like to become my forever home drop by for a visit I would love to meet you.



My name is Azrael and I was a stray. I was brought to the hospital last fall. I was starving and my hair was falling out when a very nice lady found me and brought me here. I was covered in fleas and that was why I was loosing my hair.  I’m all better now and my coat is beautiful. I’m a young adult, spayed and vaccinated. I’m dewormed and given a flea prevention monthly. I’m very loveable and can not wait to find my forever home.

A note from Dr. Fralic: Azrael has been looking for a home since September 2011. She is a very nice girl, however she is frustrated about being in a cage for so long and doesn’t always make the best first impression. If you are looking for a new pet please consider Azrael. Come in and spend some time with her outside of her cage, so that you can have the opportunity to see how affectionate she can be



My name is Roxy. I’m a older girl and I have a long story. I went to the animal rescue league about a year ago. I had a lot of problems. My skin was a mess, I was full of sores. It turned out that I had a condition known as hypothyroidism. Left untreated dogs with this are more prone to skin infections. So, I started getting 2 thyroid pills every day and now my thyroid level is normal. The pills helped some but my skin infection was not clearing up.

 In February last year I came to this hospital because I was loosing weight and my skin was a mess again. They cultured my skin and I had a skin infection that was resistant to many of the antibiotics that had been used. They also tested me for allergies and it turned out that I had both environmental and food allergies. It was a long battle of hypoallergenic food, antibiotic, steroids and a lot of baths but now my skin looks 100 % better. And I feel 100% better.  While I have been here I have been spayed and that helped me put some weight back on, maybe a little too much. I do love my hypoallergenic dog treats.

 Everyone here loves me too death. They say I can stay here as long as I need too. But I’m getting older and it would be nice to be in a home again. I have one fault and that is cats, I love to chance them. So I need to find a home with no cats. Because of my allergies I eat a special food and treats,and I am currently still receiving small doses of steroids which we are trying to wean me off of. I will always need to have my thyroid medication otherwise my levels will go to low again and that could lead to problems. So, if you think you can take care of me and my health issues then come spend some time with me. I love to give kisses and have my belly rubbed.



My name is Hokee. My previous owner placed me and my 3 kittens in a cardboard box on the front door step of the clinic. Only no one was there and I was scared so we escaped. When the staff came in all they found was an empty box. The road in front of the clinic was really scary but a nice man working on the fire hydrants saw me and my 3 kittens heading towards the road. He saved us and took us back to the clinic.  Since then we have been treated wonderfully. We have all been fixed and are in the process of getting our shots. We are routinely dewormed and given monthly flea prevention. One of my kittens has already found their forever home. The other two and myself are still waiting.

I am 1-2 years of age and spayed. I’m a little shy at first but I warm up quickly. If you think that you could be a forever home for one of us come over and pay us a visit.

Calico DSH


I am one of Hokee’s kittens … We have all been treated wonderfully at the clinic.  I am a 10 week old female.  I have been fixed and am in the process of getting my shots.  The kind staff are also routinely deworming me and giving me monthly flea prevention.

Grey DSH


I am also one of Hokee’s kittens … We have all been treated wonderfully at the clinic.  I am a 10 week old male.  I have been fixed and am in the process of getting my shots.  The kind staff are also routinely deworming me and giving me monthly flea prevention.

Alley Cat


My name is “Alley Cat” I was at the Animal Rescue League with my 7 week old kittens when the Doctors here were looking for a foster mom to take care of 2 kittens whose mom died after giving birth to them. They were trying their best to take care of the kittens feeding them every 2 hours but nothing can take the place of a real feline mom and the 24/7 care we can provide. So I said good bye to my kittens, they were old enough to find their own homes and off I went to take care of Stella and Stanely, the two orphaned kittens.

Because I just had kittens of my own I still was producing milk and was able to nurse the kittens. They began to thrive under my love and attention. Stella and Stanely have since gotten a home together of there own and we all could not be happier.  Just when I was to start to look for a home of my own another kitten came in who had a pretty bad head injury. The Doctors took care of him at first but once he was stable they were looking for someone to give him some extra TLC. To teach him how to eat and how to use the litter box ect. I had been such a good mom before that they asked me if I would mind hanging around a little longer and help them with Maximus (the injured kitten). I didn’t hesitate to help.

Again, with my love and support Maximus thrived and has since found his very own home. So, now here I am up for adoption and looking for my very own forever home.  I’m 1-2 years old, spayed and up to date on my shots. I’m dewormed regularly and given a monthly flea prevention. I’m very affectionate and loving. I’m also frisky and playful. So, if you think I could be your forever kitty come down to the clinic and pay me a visit.

Shirley and her kittens


My name is Shirley. I was a stray that was found by a very nice gentleman. He notice that I was about to give birth any day so he brought me to the clinic. Two days later I had 5 kittens. Since then I have had a warm and safe place to raise my kittens. I don’t need to worry about food or water. And if we get sick,which we did, we all caught a cold, the doctors here took real good care of us.

Shirley’s kittens


We are in the process of getting our shots and we all still need to be fixed. So we are not quite ready for adoption for a couple more weeks. But if you are interested you can still come and visit us.  We are eight weeks old in this picture.



I was found tied to a bench in the Rothesay Commons. A bus driver noticed me after he passed by me a number of times throughout the day. He contacted the SPCA and they brought me here to make sure I was okay. Since then I have been hanging out here waiting for my new family.

I have a lot of energy and love to play and go for walks. They estimate my age to be around 4 years. I’m neutered and up to date on all my shots. Are you the right home for me? If you think so come down to the hospital and pay me a visit.



My name is Dean. I was found in a shelter in the States and was going to be euthanised for no other reason than I was a black dog. Apparently black dogs have a harder time finding homes. Anyway a lady was there to pick up some Greyhounds to take back to Ontario to find new homes and she took me as well.  Sometimes the Greyhounds come to this clinic if they need some medical attention and to try and find them homes. So, I came as well.

I’m a very nice boy. I have a lot of energy and am very strong. Dr. Adam’s husband, Kevin comes and takes me for walks and we work on some obedience as well. He said I’m very smart and a very good dog.  I’m around a year of age and neutered. I’m up to date on my shots and I receive a monthly flea prevention and dewormer.  If you think you would like to adopt me come down to the clinic and spend some time with me. I love having visitors.



My name is George. I was brought in by the SPCA. I was supposed to be very sick but when I got here the doctors said I was perfectly healthy. So they quickly neutered me and gave me my shots so that I could find my new home.

I’m less than a year old. And get monthly deworming and flea prevention. I’m a little shy but will warm up to a loving new family. Give me a chance to love you.



My name is Marmalade. I was just a baby left outside trying to survive on my own. L someone found me and brought me here. Now I’m warm, full and healthy and just waiting to find my new home.  I’m around 6 months old and spayed. I’m up to date on my shots. I’m dewormed and given a flea prevention monthly.  Is your home big enough for me? If so come down to the clinic and visit me.



My mom “Lilly” was a feral cat that was brought to the clinic to get spayed but the doctors discovered that she was pregnant. So they decided to keep her and let her have us here. She had 5 kittens and I’m the only one left still looking for my home.  I’m very loveable and very fast. Hence, my name Speedy. I’m about 6 months old, neutered and up to date on my shots. I’m dewormed and given a flea prevention monthly.  I’ve been here a while and I can’t wait to find my forever home.



My name is Maddie, and I have a pretty sad story. My owner and her family love me very much but my owner got very sick and has a really hard time breathing. So with very heavy hearts they had to find me a new home. They were very nervous because they wanted to make sure that I found a home where I would be taken very good care of. So, they surrendered me to the Fairvale Animal Hospital because they knew that they would be able to make sure that I got nothing but the best home.

I’m a little older around 8 years of age and I’m a very affectionate guy. I’ve been declawed, neutered and am up to date on my shots. I love snuggling and my temptation treats. So if you think that you have room in your hearts and home for a sweet guy like me please come in and pay me a visit.


kittens2 kittens




Hi My name is Zoe. I’m a young adult spayed female domestic short haired feline. I was found living under someones shed last fall and came to live at the Fairvale animal hospital in January when it got too cold to stay outside. I’m up to date on my vaccines and receive regular deworming and flea treatments. I’ve been here for a while now and that can be frustrating so if your looking for a new pet please give me some consideration I’m a very nice girl and can not wait to find a fur-ever home.

Pippa and her kittens

pippapippa's kittens

Hi my name is Pippa. I was a pregnant Stray who came to stay at the Fairvale Animal hospital at the beginning of March 2012. They took good care of me making sure I was dewormed and recieved good nutrition so that I would be healthy enough to deliver my kittens.

I gave birth to 6 healthy Kittens on March 22nd. Five boys and one girl and they all look like me, black and white.



Hi my name is Tommy! I came to live at the Fairvale Animal Hospital in January 2012. I was a stray that a client of the Atlantic Veterinary Hospital was tring to help. They paid to get me neutered and dewormed there and then I came here to hopefully find a very special family to share a new home.

I’m an adult male domestic short hair feline. I’m regurarly dewormed and treated for fleas. I will be up to date on my vaccines in June.

Like some of the other cats here, I have been looking for a home for a while now and that can be frustrating. I’m a very sweet guy who loves to purr. So, if you have room in your heart and home for a feline like me come and pay me a visit.

Calico Mom and Kittens

calico's beigh kitten

Male Neutered Sweet & Outgoing!

calico mom


calico's blk and wh kitten

Spayed Female, Very Sweet!

calico's calico kitten

Male Neutered, Very Outgoing!

calico's grey and wh kitten

Male Neutered, Very Affectionate!


Hi! I was found under someones shed in February with my new born kittens. It was way too cold to stay out there my kittens would never have survived. So, we came to live at the Fairvale Animal hospital where we are safe, warm and well fed.

My kittens are 12 weeks old and we are all fixed and ready for our new homes. We will be up to date on our vaccines at the end of May. All my kittens are well socialized and very friendly. Just like me!

If you are interested in adopting any of us, come in for a visit and fill out an adoption form.

Black and White Mom and Kittens

black and white momblkwhmom kittens

I came to live at the Fairvale Animal Hospital in February as a pregnant stray that someone was trying to help. A month later I gave birth to my 5 kittens (2 girls and 3 boys).  We are all pretty sweet and looking for loving and responsible homes. Well let’s face it, it’s how I got into this situation in the first place!  So if your interested in adopting me or one of my kittens, please stop in to visit and fill out an adoption form.  We are not quite ready for adoption but will be very soon. We still need to get fixed, Dr Fralic thinks we will be ready by May 21st.



















Curly Adams Fund

This memorial fund is dedicated to the Memory of Dr. Adams much loved dog Curly and to all other animals who have the misfortune of being homeless.

Acupuncture and Rehab Services

We are very pleased to offer Acupuncture and Rehabilitation Services to our patients.


Please take a minute to meet our wonderful cats and dogs who are up for adoption and looking for their loving forever homes.