Hi my name is Chole. I was rushed to the Fairvale Animal Hospital one night last Fall after being hit by a car. A very nice man and his young son saw what happened and pulled over. I was hurt pretty bad so they called around to see if anyone would help me. Dr. Fralic said to bring me in thinking that I would need to be euthanized. Once she checked me out she found that I was pretty stable but that I had a broken jaw and my left eye did not look too good. She decided to give me a chance. She stablilized me for the night with IV fluids and pain medication. By the next morning my eye was looking a lot better. After discussing my situation with Dr. Adams the decision was made to try and fix my jaw. It wasn’t easy! The way my jaw was fractured made it hard to stabilize. They even had Dr. Fraser Sherrade a local orthodontist come in and help. I had a feeding tube placed for about a month because it was too painful to eat. Dr. Fralic even took me home so that she could monitor me more closely and make sure I was getting enough nutritients to heal properly. Her Husband Chad even helped with the feedings.

Now I am all healed and looking for my forever home. As you can well understand Dr. Fralic is especially attached to me but, she already has three cats and a dog at home, so she has decided to help find me the purrfect home. She affectionately calls me “her good bad cat”. I’m a young adult but still have a lot of kitten in me. So I get frisky and playful. I’m updated on my vaccines and I am spayed. I am good with other cats and so-so with dogs. Depends on the dog becauce I have to be the boss! So, if you are interested in adopting me come in to the Fairvale animal hospital where you will find me walking around the clinic keeping the dogs in line.

Curly Adams Fund

This memorial fund is dedicated to the Memory of Dr. Adams much loved dog Curly and to all other animals who have the misfortune of being homeless.

Acupuncture and Rehab Services

We are very pleased to offer Acupuncture and Rehabilitation Services to our patients.


Please take a minute to meet our wonderful cats and dogs who are up for adoption and looking for their loving forever homes.