Our clinic performs routine dental cleanings and extractions. We are equipped with a digital dental X-ray until to aid in determining if a tooth needed to be extracted or not. As well as to make sure no tooth root fragments are left behind after a tooth is extracted. We are also equipped with an ultrasonic scaler and drill.

Seventy-five percent of pets by 3 years of age are at a stage were they would benefit from having a dental procedure performed. Studies have shown that maintaining proper oral health helps to maintained overall systemic health such as avoiding cardiovascular, liver and kidney disease secondary to poor oral health.

Curly Adams Fund

This memorial fund is dedicated to the Memory of Dr. Adams much loved dog Curly and to all other animals who have the misfortune of being homeless.

Acupuncture and Rehab Services

We are very pleased to offer Acupuncture and Rehabilitation Services to our patients.


Please take a minute to meet our wonderful cats and dogs who are up for adoption and looking for their loving forever homes.